We aren’t a super romantic couple. We rarely buy each other gifts, and may only have some mild public displays of affection. But we are very good at cuddling and hugging. We only have a normal double sized bed which means we regularly cuddle most of the night. Especially in the cold winter, if one of us turns over the other does too and our cuddle continues.

When we stay in posh hotels with large beds I often sleep worse because I wake up if I can’t feel him and not sure he’s there. I do alright when I know I’m sleeping alone but when I’m with him I want to be close. Obviously this doesn’t work too well in a hot summer, but as a Yorkshire lass still living in Yorkshire this is usually rare.

A close up colour photograph of my naked torso laying on its side and his arm cuddles around me under my naked breasts.
February photo fest logo with the words in a yellow square along side an image of an old fashioned camera

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