I’ve recently had the pleasure of taking photographs of new people and friends. This includes the Viking, pictured here bathed in the beautiful early morning Sunday sunshine. I took a whole series of strong tall poised images among the trees but this seated balled-up, vulnerable looking image is probably one of my favourites.

It’s great having friends willing to take their clothes off outside to model but also ones who help by being the look out and chaperone!

Colour photograph of naked man sat curled up holding his knees in the woods. The sun is hitting him and shining off his hair and showing his tattoos on his arms and thigh.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black written over a pink lip print

7 thoughts on “Woodland Viking

  1. Oh yes I am so with you. I just spent some lovely time with Isabelle Lauren taking her picture. It is something I have not done in forever and it reminded me how much I love it and must try and do it more


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