I changed my jewellery this morning to my glow in the dark green and blue acrylic nipple bar but was too hungry to spend the time taking the photograph first so I thought I’d wait to get dressed till afterwards (to prevent any bra marks).

After a funny conversation with the family about how it’s ok for my husband to regularly sit at the table without a top on but seems unusual for me as a female and how unfair this was, I decided to use my phone to take a photograph and see what I looked like.

I loved this image so much I thought I’d use it this morning.

Colour photograph taken at a severe angle showing a breakfast bowl of shreddies and behind that a naked female torso with the left nipple with a green/blue acrylic nipple bar in. (Which happens to be glow in the dark)
Boobday logo with the words in white over a warm image of a naked female breast

6 thoughts on “Breakfast nipple bar #SJC 236

    1. My husband doesn’t mind what I do or don’t wear. My teenage kids are more likely to object or at least discuss the subject.

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