Today I’m going to my first pride event. I’ll be walking with my rainbow flag but maybe a few more clothes on than this.

I’m mainly going as support (transport and money provider) for a family member but still feel like I’m not queer enough to be there just for myself. I’m not “cool enough” to be allowed to walk with the family member all the time so I’ll be there mainly on my own. My acceptance at being bisexual is only something I’ve talked about in recent years and being married to a man means that it is usually invisible to others, so there are some nerves today.

Let’s hope it all goes well

A close up colour photograph of a naked left breast with a rainbow nipple bar in and draped next to it is a pride flag showing all the rainbow colours.
Boob day logo with the words in white over a warm image of a naked breast

2 thoughts on “With pride #SJC 234

  1. Such a beautiful photo … and perfectly coloured. I hope you enjoyed your participation … and I must just say, that from all your wonderful photos and postings of yours that I’ve read over the years, my view is that you are CERTAINLY “cool enough” !!!
    Xxx – K

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