Day 17 of February PhotoFest and I miss the late summer evenings when the sun streams through my living room window and hits me sat watching television. Looking down I thought it made a great image. So took a photograph. I’d previously posted this on Twitter and a friend (who’s a great and creative photographer) complimented me on the photograph. Saying how much they liked the light and the capture. And I realised that I really appreciate compliments on my camera work. Even though this was a quick snap and not something that took me hours to prepare. That sometimes means I get the best image.

I started posting images of myself on Twitter years ago for the compliments and these really improved my self confidence. But now I post images to show off my camera work especially if they are self portraits. There are so many great photographers I know via Twitter and whenever any of them compliment my work my heart sores. I’m not saying I don’t like the general compliments I get about looking great or sexy (those are very much needed too) but when someone (with experience) compliments my skill, now that is an amazing feeling.

A close up colour photograph taken from my point of view looking down my top at my cleavage which is lit from sunshine from the side. A pale flowery blouse is only slightly open showing a pale bra beneath
February PhotoFest 2022 logo with the words in black in a blur square above an image of an old fashioned camera
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