I’m a lucky lady who struggles to get out of bed each morning so my better half always brings me a cuppa. I gave up caffeine several years ago as I found it was really disagreeing with me, so now I drink herbal teas or the odd decaf coffee.

Week day mornings my husband gets up first and uses the bathroom and then when he’s done I get up and he brings me a lemon and ginger tea. At the weekends I like something different and I have two beautiful mugs that have strainers in so I can have a loose leaf tea. Today it’s a detox blend. This one always reminds me of a friend I haven’t seen for ages. She got me into these mugs and this tea company and I long to make her an early morning tea again soon.

Making hot drinks for other people is a simple sign of appreciation or even love and respect. I like to please and often find myself making others hot drinks when away or visiting others. Maybe we could all do with a tea slave somedays.

Colour photograph of my point of view looking down onto my bed I’m holding a blue patterned mug over my mug and you can see my naked pale legs in front of me.
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2 thoughts on “Morning cuppa

  1. That’s a lovely mug. I could definitely do with someone to bring me tea in bed. Mind you G makes us coffee each morning so it’s not all bad!

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