“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”~ Loren Eiseley

“I’m going to take a shower” she says “Is it ok if I take some photos? Those black tiles would be a great back drop.” I reply. I wonder if she can tell that I generally just like watching her and it’s not just that I really want more images of her on my camera roll. She’s posed and been so patient with me over the last 24 hours while I took endless shots, and I wondered if she was getting fed up of me. But she grins and says “No problem” as she strides past me and drops her towel at my feet. I grab my camera and pick up her towel to place on the heated towel rail ready for later and watch the jets of water hit her beautiful body.

She tries to keeps her hair away from the spray and by doing so pushes her breasts forward into the warm water. My shutter noise is hidden by the sound of the shower as I take more and more images. I love taking images of her. She seems so at ease in front of me. But there is something magical about her body in water. And at that moment I realise I want to photograph her in the sea. I want to take images of her in the bath, a swimming pool, lake or just standing in the rain.

She is always beautiful, but when she is in water, she shines with magic.

Black and white photograph of the torso of a naked woman in the shower with the water hitting her breasts.
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