It’s that time of year again when things are changing. This autumn hasn’t moved in gradually and soft but has hit us with the cold and wet this week. It’s also prompt time again on Sinful Sunday with the letter L giving the ideas, so I couldn’t resist finding some autumn leaves to help me with today’s image.

Colour photograph showing the middle of a naked woman who is pointing to a fan of leaves covering her pubic area  the leaves go from green through yellow and into brown in colour gradually
Collage of 12 colour photographs showing the middle part of a naked woman with a fan of leaves over her nether regions  and just lots of different poses
Sinful sunday logo over a pink lip print

13 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. This is an amazing celebration of the changing seasons. The leaves down here are still all green and I’m impatiently waiting them to catch up with the weather. And they have a glorious backdrop too 😉 x

    1. I’ve spent a very long time looking at this image. The texture of the leaves against your beautiful skin. The colour vibrancy against the delicate paleness of you. And the shapes of the leaves and shadows. It’s inspiring me to think of something that I can’t quite chase into words yet.

  2. A splendid collection of colored leaves for a coming autumn. A most autumnal and sexy mosaic with plenty of opportunity to play

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