We all age, and our bodies age too. Just like my brown leather sofa. My body has changed over the last 20 years just like my 20 year old sofa (well it has seen a lot during that time). I’d like to think I’m just as comfortable too.

Colour close up photograph of a naked torso of a woman sat on a brown leather sofa showing stretch marks and a soft belly
Sinful sunday logo of word over a pink lip print

8 thoughts on “Aged Leather

  1. The texture of your sofa shouts out warmth, welcome and comfort. The image of you is all that infused with beauty. I’m struggling to find the right words but all of this image makes me want.

  2. Did you buy the sofa from M & S… if we we own the exact same sofa and mine is 20 years old too

    I love this picture, you look absolutely beautiful and I love the contrast between the dark leather and your pale skin


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