This week it’s prompt week at Sinful Sunday and to work out the prompt I had to spin two wheels and see what prompt I was given. My two answers at first try were ‘Sex Toys’ and ‘Outdoor’. I debated about trying to use some of my lovely glass toys to get a funky outdoor reflective pic but as I used glass in last weeks image I thought I’d try something different.

There is a small strip of woodland very close to my house I walk through regularly and where I’ve taken a few images in the past including Lost in the woods It isn’t too far away so carrying all my kit myself isn’t too difficult and I can see the footpath from both directions so I thought I’d be pretty safe.

Imagine my surprise while I was in the pose seen here when I notice a bloke walking past. I assume he was a farmer as he’d walked down the side of the wood not via the footpath. I scrambled up and grabbed my jeans noticing how hard it is to get dressed with a long tail in! Which side of my trouser legs should it go down?

My heart was pounding and I was shaking from head to foot but he never said a word. He must have seen or at least heard me as he was only a couple of meters away but he just kept walking. This was the last image I took and thank goodness he wasn’t out hunting!

Colour photograph of a naked woman on her hands and needs in a wood facing away from the camera with a red foxy tail butt plug in place

10 thoughts on “Foxy

  1. This is such a fabulous image. I’d love to know what he thought. I’m sorry it unnerved you. I am so glad you got this amazing shot. I wish it was me who stumbled on this fox.

  2. I did have to giggle because I too have been caught in a very similar way. I’m fairly sure spotting such a sexy vixen on his walk probably made his day.

  3. I know I shouldn’t giggle but having done similar myself I can totally relate to the heart thumping rush as you try to get at least something on you to cover you up but afterwards I have always dissolved into giggles at the thought of the whole thing. But yeah, good job he was not out looking for Foxy Loxy!


    1. Like most things I can laugh about it now because it’s afterwards and I will just be more careful next time (luckily it won’t stop me!)

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