“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” – Agnes M. Pahro

One family tradition we have at Christmas is that every year when I put the decorations away I add a letter. Stating some of the things that have happened within the family over the past 12 months and my hopes for the following year. I’ve got a collection of letters going back to when my kids were first born, but you can imagine last years letter stings when I reread it.

Out of all the hopes and aims for 2020 only one has come true – that my parents remain well. So maybe this year my hopes will be less or more realistic anyway. I shall still write a letter but it will be a bit painful one to do.

Looking back at my blog this year doesn’t have to be quite as painful. I definitely haven’t managed the photograph adventures I wanted but I did get two weekends away at the beginning of the year which was at least something.

Below is a collection of my favourite photographs of this year and I hope you enjoy them too. My hopes for my blog next year is that I continue to grow with it. My photographs continue to get better and I find a new spark or inspiration (hopefully with other people – Covid permitting)

Collage of nine photographs previously on my blog including a pink haired blowjob, naked on a haybale, legs and tulip.
Quote quest logo of words written on a notepad next to a coffee and pen

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