“Wanking is only two letters away from working!” – Amy Norton, on reviewing sex toys.

For myself working and wanking couldn’t get any further apart. My blog and photography have always been for fun so although I may have photographed myself wanking and even filmed bits for other people, I keep my blog and online life completely apart from my work.

As a professional I have to keep my work life and my blog separate. There are far too many stories of professional women suffering and even losing their jobs for just having private naked images posted online let alone discussing their own sex lives and taking their own photography to post on the web. Obviously this is a horrific situation that should be reversed but it’s not a fight I want to take on at this stage. Maybe as I get older and less worried about others think or more secure in my work standards I can break down this walls, but at the moment I shall keep these two areas separate.

My work isn’t sexy and nothing I do at work makes me think about sex. In fact when so much of my life and time is filled with work it pushes all that sexiness out. Like so many people at the moment work is almost the only thing going on for me and it’s important for me to remember there is more to life.

Maybe my take home from my thoughts on this blog is I should work less and wank more! (I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over to improve my life work balance)

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7 thoughts on “Working and wanking

  1. I get it. Blogging is my outlet for that part of me that could never get play in my real life. They have to remain separate. But it is nice to have the outlet, especially now…because it connects us to other people in a time when human connection is a little tough.

  2. Decades ago I would wank at work when frustrated or felt the urge. I realize now decades later how stupid that was. Then again it is a different time.

    Thanks for your blog it made me pause and think for a moment on the why wank and work are so far apart these days.

    Sex seems even more taboo yet everywhere.
    In America we seem to have become even more puritanical than before. Sad.

    When I wanked at work I was sexually frustrated, now my needs are met and wanking just doesn’t seem to be a need. I am very grateful for this life.

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