This is a new piece of jewellery that I actually bought months ago. Maybe even a year now. It’s been sat in my little jewellery tin for all that time because when I first got it I was unable to undo the balls on the bar to put it on. I’d gone back to it several times and never been able to do it. I was debating getting some small pliers to it but I’d never got round to it. But somehow time has done the trick. And when I went into my tin this week looking for jewellery I tried this one again and the balls came off easy !

It’s sold as a nipple shield from bodyjewelleryshop but I think of it more like a decorated nipple bar. Like a classier version of the climbing man. What do you think?

Close up colour photograph of my left naked breast with a silver coloured nipple bar in and a silver charm hanging from it

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