15 thoughts on “Inside

  1. This is a delight! I love the implicit sexiness, and the fun factor really shines through for me — I can picture you grinning (or concentrating, biting your lip) from your hiding spot behind his leg, and the tension in his arm shows he’s enjoying himself too. 😉

  2. This is so good and it gives me so many feels! We have abandoned jeans during lockdown, but there has been lots of sliding under the waistband of joggers or up the legs of shorts and going inside it utterly delicious and I love how well this photo explores that 🙂 xxx

  3. There is something about the way he is gripping your arm that makes me tingle or maybe it just pokes my male hands fetish but mmhmm


  4. This is outstanding! I love how we can’t see any of you but your sneaky arm and how he’s grabbing you is delicious!

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