Not shot through the heart but stabbed in the chest.

Nearly 22 years ago I got my nipple pierced after I broke up from a serious relationship. I did it to reclaim my body, to do something for myself and I’ve always loved it. I took my jewellery out for four years while I breastfeed my two children and was surprised and delighted when one day I tried it back it and it hadn’t healed over. For the last five years I’ve changed my jewellery every Saturday and taken a photograph of my new jewellery in situ and posting it online became my normal. My Saturday jewellery change has been an integral part of my blog and one of the only things along with my SinfulSunday images that I’ve done every week. This has punctuated my life and given me structure. Even through difficult times.

It’s a personal labour of love to find creative and beautiful new ways to showcase my ever increasing jewellery collection. I’ve probably spent more time photographing my left breast than anything else in the world. Today I thought I would combine it with my Sinful Sunday image.

The red lipstick target wasn’t an easy thing to draw on myself in a mirror and it was equally difficult to remove afterwards. But the best things in life are never easy.

Close up colour photograph of a naked breast with red target rings draw round the nipple which is pierced with an arrow shaped nipple bar
Pink lipstick print  logo of SinfulSunday

17 thoughts on “Bullseye #SJC 125

  1. I always look forward to your Saturday jewellery changes. You have such a wonderful collection. It’s interesting to hear the story behind your piercing, and this is another great piece of nipple jewellery and a great photo.

  2. I nearly bought one just like that for you when I saw it recently. I’m glad I didn’t as you already have it. I love the target. I’m ready to take aim…

  3. Every time I see your nipple piercing it makes me consider getting one again.

    Oh and I found out about lipstick on skin a few years ago when I wrote slut on my chest and then couldn’t really get it off and had to wear a top to cover it up to go and pick my daughter up from school.


  4. I love this! The jewellery is beautiful but that target is amazing. And no, lipstick isn’t easy to remove! It stays everywhere else but your lips.

  5. This image really captures my attention in a way I’m not quite sure I can explain – it’s fun and striking, and I for one am definitely glad you took the time to draw a red lipstick target on yourself, even if it wasn’t easy.

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