It’s prompt week again for SinfulSunday and this week’s prompt is food and drink. During these lockdown days we’ve been enjoying a lot of curry. Partly because my family love curry anyway but also because my son has recently been given a wonderful curry cookbook and has started making some meals for us.

Last night I even treated the family to a curry takeaway as they had been so good staying in for the last 14 days in quarantine. I do love curry too but now a days I can’t eat it as hot as I use to because I’ve become one of the many people who suffer from reflux and anything too spice and hot makes it worse. Luckily on jars and menus there are usually symbols to say how hot something is. Today I found my symbol !

Colour photograph of my naked back and arse with three small green chillis  in a row

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18 thoughts on “How hot?

  1. Brilliant! So simple and yet so clever

    And I join you in the reflux gang but I am at times prepared to pay the price for a something really yummy


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