We climbed into bed wearing vests and knickers and snuggled down under the duvet. The room wasn’t completely dark as a bit of orange street light filtered through the velux windows above us.

We’d talked about this night previously, but nothing had been said earlier in the day and I laid there and wondered how to break this physical ice.

“Would you like a cuddle?” I tentatively asked. “Oh yes please” she replied. So I snuggled in. The big spoon to her little spoon. Pressing my warm breasts against her cool back. I placed my hand on her hip and gently stroked her skin. It seemed impossibly soft and I couldn’t help but run my fingers up to her waist and back down.

She pressed herself against me and took my hand up over her waist and onto her breast. That was the invitation I needed to explore more. My fingertips brushed her nipples and she shivered. “Are you still cold?” I whispered into her ear “No I think it’s just nerves” she replied faintly and I smiled. Knowing she wanted it I let my hands roam freely over her and felt her body press back against me. My hands were under her vest and then down over her knickers.

I wanted to feel all of her. She pulled her vest up over her head and laid onto her back. I kissed down over her breasts and teased her nipples with my teeth. My fingers delved down and she rose her body up to meet them.

“Can I taste you?” I ask, my lips on her neck by her ear. “Yes please” she purrs more confidently, my fingers still teasing her now wet cunt. I ease her knickers over her hips as she wriggles out of them and I trace down her belly with my lips.

The first taste of her sweetness just made me hungry for more. I became greedy, I pushed into her with my fingers while lapping with my tongue. She tried to stifle her groans, she didn’t want to make too much noise but my fingers had found the spot. The point to which she couldn’t return. She gripped me as she came and her juices flooded onto my tongue.

I kissed her and she could taste herself on my lips. Exhausted she curled up against me, again my little spoon. My hand cupped over her mound, preciously holding her cunt. We slept.

Black and white photograph close up of two women lying next to each other on a bed naked showing one breast of each.

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