99 Red Balloons

For the prompt this week of song titles I knew I had to use this image. I wanted to try and take one good photograph of myself and lots of red balloons – but on my own and using a tripod I got so cross I couldn’t get what I wanted. I couldn’t keep the balloons still or hold them all in place. When I showed my friend a screen shot of some of the images they told me I had nailed it. The collage of those 20 images was it!

See what others have got for the Wicked Wednesday prompt click the link below


  1. This is such a fun image. Balloons are so hard to wrangle! I did a project in photog school with balloons and that shit had me livid lol.
    I love this a lot. There’s so much going on in each box, but it’s beautiful as a whole. Well done!

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