“Fish or chicken?” I ask in my politest voice.

He doesn’t look up but grunts “What?”

“Fish or chicken Sir?”

This catches his attention and he glances up from his phone. His eyes don’t make it all the way to my face before I suggest “or perhaps you’d just like a drink?” And I turn round to get the beer I’d already brought into the room for him in advance.

I’d placed it on the floor behind me so had to bend right over in front of him to get it. I ease forward at my hips, pushing my arse out for balance and stand up incredibly slowly, feeling the full heat of his gaze on my barely covered arse.

I pass the beer towards him. His eyes wide but his face now lit by his mischievous smile.

“So what time are we due to land?” He plays along

“Oh we have a few hours yet Sir” I grin as I lean closer letting my cleavage drop down into his eye line “would you like another blanket or pillow?”

His cool hand slowly runs down my front and over my stiff nipple. “I’m sure you could make me very comfortable without” and his fingers dip down to the hem of my stretched uniform.

“Your comfort is my pleasure Sir” and I step to one side parting my legs for him.

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4 thoughts on “Airline

  1. I want to go on this airline 😉

    Seriously though I really want to join the mile high club. I think it is almost impossible to fuck on a plane nowadays but some mutual masturbation…. that would be cool


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