I belong to him, and held like this I certainly feel like it too.

My tummy has been one of those areas I’ve learnt to love recently, and here I love the difference in our skin tones especially around my pale soft belly and his hard strong muscly arms.

See who else is showing all this week for #SinfulSunday by clicking the lips below.

41 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Held

  1. I am not sure I will ever love my tummy so I can understand your struggle. As for this image, it is soooo fucking sexy, I love the way his fingers are digging into you


    1. Like you’ve just wandered into my living room and seen us by the fire? Grabbing my phone for some of these pictures make them very voyeuristic – which I like x

  2. Intimate couple shots are my very favorite – I love this so much. I wish my partner weren’t so shy so we could share pictures! x

  3. That is fabulous. I love the soft liught and colours. And the contrast between his body and yours. It’s a beautiful and romantic image.

    And sexy!

  4. me and my tummy have a love/hate relationship – i hate it and it loves me so much it refuses to leave!!!

    love the subtle grabbing in this image and the show of control xx

  5. I love this. I have not yet fallen in love with my tummy and it remains a huge issue for me so I am taking inspiration from you and am going to keep working on it. ?

      1. Lol. Mine are 19, 17 and 14 so I have been waiting. It’s getting worse (the tummy not my love) but I am hoping that by posting more in pictures I can start to get over some of my issues. ?

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