So as 2017 comes to a close I’m at the stage where I’m considering what is next for me.  The last year has brought me great joy with new friends, new turns but with the constant love and stability of my husband, family and work.  I know I’m the type of person who is better with a challenge, and something to work towards, a focus for my mischievous self. I recently mentioned I would like to look at doing FebPhotoFest2018  and  I was told to go set up a blog.

So here I am.  I never thought I would blog.  I don’t feel I have much to say, but I often have lots to show. So this is a new space for me, a new horizon. Please cut me some slack, I’m no wordsmith and it will take me some time to get to grips with this site, editing and posting. Maybe by February I will have worked it out!

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